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Jacki Hart, CLP

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Business Consulting with Jacki Hart

President, Jacki Hart has an impressive track record for shifting entrepreneurs to improve their business thinking and management skills. Jacki is a successful veteran Entrepreneur, highly effective at managing a large staff and seven figure sales. She is skilled at pinpointing underlying business issues and developing strategies to gain clarity and momentum. She will target effective KPI’s and analyze profitability potential. Jacki excels at right-fit training to establish effective company structure, culture and accountability. 

With a professional career spanning 35 years, and 25 Provincial Awards of Excellence for her company’s work, Hart is proud to be one of Canada’s first women to hold a North American Industry certification for business management.

Jacki has a highly-respected leadership reputation, including in NPO governance. She has held positions of Director, Executive Committee Treasurer and VP on several Boards, and has Chaired many committees. She developed and continues to manage the Prosperity Partners program and Peer to Peer Network for Landscape Ontario.

Jacki Hart is a polished facilitator, having delivered hundreds of business improvement workshops to rave reviews across Canada. She continues to write a monthly business management column for Trade magazines plus her company blog, with 140+ published articles to date. Jacki is an entrepreneurial strategic thinker and mindful business coach.

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The Success Group

Jacki is a Managing Partner of TheSuccessGroup.ca, a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team of professional business coaches focused on guiding entrepreneurs to their next level.

She presently sits as Treasurer for Friends of the Muskoka Watershed, soon to become the Muskoka Freshwater Foundation.

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