Business Workshops

Improving business.

Designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We’ve been in the same shoes. With the same stress and frustration. In our past careers, we probably made every mistake there is to make in business. And we’ve figured out how to teach the key skills needed to turn the ship around, reset the company gps, and head for clear sailing ahead. We can get you there.

Who should attend?: Entrepreneurs / Contractors / Career Shifters

Typical Hosts: Trade Associations, BNI groups, Chambers of Commerce, BIA’s, Rotary, Community Futures Programs, Business Schools, Business Associations

Workshop Topic Sampler

Embracing Millennials

Join us to learn about the ‘why, what and how ’ of creating company citizenship for the long term with your team.

Business Workshops Muskoka

Presidents’ Planner

Highly recommended as a Strategic Thinking Template, teaching owners a suite of tools to work ON their business.

Business Workshops for Chambers of Commerce

HR Strategy

New Era, New Approach: Recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, orientation, guide behaviour - targeting Millennials.

Business Consulting Huntsville

Creating Systems

Provides a Systems Overview, Planner, Resources, Getting Buy-in, and Systems Assessment.

Business Consulting Bracebridge

Delegate It!

Covers our unique 7 step system to effective, sustainable delegation of tasks and responsibilities to team players.

Business Workshops Bracebridge

Strategic Thinking

Our plain language simple approach inspires new business thinking. Take away tools enable grow-forward strategies.

Presidents' Review

A creative roadmap for business owners to learn how to objectively evaluate their performance to improve their abilities to 'drive the bus'.

Business Financial Alanysis

Understand Financials

Great for young or struggling businesses, this workshop covers the basics of important topics.

Business Improvement

What Do I Measure?

A thought provoking look at what to measure in business, and when, including strategies to manage annual swings in cash flow.

Business Branding Workshop

Managing Your Brand

This workshop dives into every touch point of your business using a best practices context.

Entrepreneur Business Workshops

Get Me Outta Here!

An Introduction to Exit Strategies and What Builds Value in Your Business: Develop strategies for return on your business investment.

Custom Workshops

We can build custom workshops for your audience.

Aileen Taylor, Program Coordinator
Muskoka Futures

Bravo Jacki! The President’s Planning day was jam packed, well prepared and flowed purposefully. The resources like the roadmap and growth chart were useful. You connected well with the participants and received high evaluations. Your style exudes as a seasoned facilitator.

Rob and Josi Heggie, Owners
RH Designs

We feel fortunate to have been able to attend your workshop yesterday and we were very impressed with your presentation of the information. You’ve given us the right tools to keep ourselves on track and to be able to communicate and strategise taking our business to the next level. We have a lot of work to do and are looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead.

James Solecki, Owner
Integra Lighting Ltd

This past week I was so fortunate to have been able to participate in the Prosperity Partners Program delivered by Jacki Hart. WOW! I have no idea why I waited so long to sign up for this program. I honestly think that it was one of the top three most pivotal and influential business strategy programs I have ever experienced.

Sherri Hornsey, CLP, Grounds Maintenance Manager
Muskoka Landscapers

This was an inspiring day for me! Jacki’s program forces business owners to dissect their business from the ground up and identify the strengths and weaknesses in the business. I strongly urge ANY business owner ( not just the landscape group) to take this seminar. You can’t afford not too.

Tim Smith, Owner
Set In Stone Masonry

This seminar was very thought inspiring and productive. I feel it will be incredibly useful for growing my business moving forward. I really enjoyed the discussion and active participation, and foresee many elements applicable to the Building sector Thanks for including me today.