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Culture Part 2: Engaging Your Team to Focus on Wellness and Safety

May 01 2019, - by Jacki Hart

We are all challenged to ensure we have a culture of safety and wellness… the challenge, is what exactly does that look like? What should we all ‘do’? What will our conversations sound like when we’re ‘there’?  ..


Company Culture – Part 1: Communicating and Engaging The Team

Mar 27 2019, - by Jacki Hart

  • What are the Company Core Values? 
  • What’s non-negotiable? 
  • How do you treat each other? 
  • What’s not acceptable? 
  • How does everyone know what’s right and wrong in your business? 
  • For example, if one of your core values is Personal Growth – what does that mean exactly? 
  • Are staff supposed to self identify what they need/want to learn (either personal skills or technical skills)? 
  • Who supports their goals? 
  • What is expected of them and you? 
  • How will progress be measured and communicated? 
  • What if the goals change? 
  • What will it look like every day if Personal Growth is a part of daily culture?
  •  ..

Take The Pulse Of Your Recruiting Style

Mar 01 2019, - by Jacki Hart

I’m writing this under the assumption that your company has an available position or two, or five, or more. Without a stack of perfect resumes and daily requests from candidates wanting a job, willing to do anything (faint memories of the 90’s) – let’s take a walk through who your message is (or isn’t) appealing to, and why. ..


The Boom-X Paradigm

Feb 01 2019, - by Jacki Hart

There is a paradigm shift upon us. It’s been creeping into many industries about ten years. In this past year, it seems to have reached its’ own critical mass, and those who don’t fully embrace it are being left behind in the labour market. It’s a transformational metamorphosis of our labour force, being driven by unexpected agents of change. Not by the economy. But by the Millennials, thankfully.  ..


The Power of Gratitude

Dec 01 2018, - by Jacki Hart

Gratitude is a change maker. It’s powerful and contagious. Practicing gratitude can shift you from stressed to smiling or from floundering to grounded in the blink of an eye. What does gratitude have to do with your business and its’ prosperity? Everything. Let me explain. ..


Self Reflection – A Paradigm Shift

Oct 29 2018, - by Jacki Hart

Last month a member of a professional contractors Peer Network I facilitate, posted a deeply sincere and important message on the groups private Face Book page. The day he posted his message was the one year anniversary of the suicidal death of one of his employees. His message was clear: Look after your staff, treat them well, listen to them, support them on a holistic level whenever you can. Build a culture where you watch out for and take concern for each other.  ..


2nd Annual Peer to Peer Summit

Aug 22 2018, - by Jacki Hart

2nd Annual Peer to Peer Summit - For BUSINESS OWNERS who want to be better LEADERS and more PROFITABLE ..


Attracting Talent In a New Era

Feb 16 2018, - by Jacki Hart

The single-most common topic of conversation I’ve heard among business owners in January and February of this year, were centered on the topic of staffing. Discussions are ranging from how to find new ones, how to entrench the new ones, and how to keep the good ones. ..


Embracing Millennials

Oct 12 2017, - by

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet ….
Look! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…. No, it’s today’s entrepreneur running madly in all directions trying to figure out how to engage their team! If that opening phrase tugs you down memory lane to a guy in a red cape, my guess is there’s room in your HR strategy for improvement. More now than ever, business owners and managers are finding it increasingly difficult to engage and retain their younger workforce. So, you’re not alone. ..


Creating Systems

May 29 2017, - by

The rubber hits the road. Every business has it’s peak season each year. In the region where I live (Muskoka, Ontario) the seasonal residents start to show up in May, peak in July and August, and linger on in smaller numbers through mid October. By early November, you could shoot a cannon down any regional towns’ main street and not hit a soul. Its’ during your business’ busiest time of year that the Systems Test takes place. ..


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