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Take The Pulse Of Your Recruiting Style

Mar 01 2019, - by Jacki Hart

I’m writing this under the assumption that your company has an available position or two, or five, or more. Without a stack of perfect resumes and daily requests from candidates wanting a job, willing to do anything (faint memories of the 90’s) – let’s take a walk through who your message is (or isn’t) appealing to, and why. ..


The Boom-X Paradigm

Feb 01 2019, - by Jacki Hart

There is a paradigm shift upon us. It’s been creeping into many industries about ten years. In this past year, it seems to have reached its’ own critical mass, and those who don’t fully embrace it are being left behind in the labour market. It’s a transformational metamorphosis of our labour force, being driven by unexpected agents of change. Not by the economy. But by the Millennials, thankfully.  ..


Making Intentional Improvements

Jan 02 2019, - by Jacki Hart

This is the time of the year many business owners consider how to improve profitability, their teams and market share. Many of you will wade deep into newly found resources, adapting to new software and apps, and generally working on improving systems for the year ahead.  ..


Self Reflection – A Paradigm Shift

Oct 29 2018, - by Jacki Hart

Last month a member of a professional contractors Peer Network I facilitate, posted a deeply sincere and important message on the groups private Face Book page. The day he posted his message was the one year anniversary of the suicidal death of one of his employees. His message was clear: Look after your staff, treat them well, listen to them, support them on a holistic level whenever you can. Build a culture where you watch out for and take concern for each other.  ..


The Curious Entrepreneur

Sep 25 2018, - by Jacki Hart

I’ve yet to see a business that exists in a vacuum of stability. There are constant changes effecting every business. These include: the marketplace, technology, staff, relevant legislation, trends, talent, available resources, sophistication, goals, obstacles etc. ..


2nd Annual Peer to Peer Summit

Aug 22 2018, - by Jacki Hart

2nd Annual Peer to Peer Summit - For BUSINESS OWNERS who want to be better LEADERS and more PROFITABLE ..


Polished Salesmanship

Jul 31 2018, - by Jacki Hart

Part 4 – Top Ten Entrepreneurial Skills ..


The Focused Entrepreneur

Jul 03 2018, - by Jacki Hart

#3 of our Top 10 Entrepreneurial Skills Inventory: FOCUS ..


The Resilient Entrepreneur

Jun 15 2018, - by Jacki Hart

This may very well be THE title for a book in my future writing dreams. ..


Top Skills of Great Entrepreneurs

May 10 2018, - by Jacki Hart

After many years of working with and mentoring business owners, I’ve concluded there is a surprising set of skills that are key to successful business careers, regardless of what sector or industry in which we choose to develop our careers. ..


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