Business Tips

Company Culture – Part 1: Communicating and Engaging The Team

Mar 27 2019, - by Jacki Hart

  • What are the Company Core Values? 
  • What’s non-negotiable? 
  • How do you treat each other? 
  • What’s not acceptable? 
  • How does everyone know what’s right and wrong in your business? 
  • For example, if one of your core values is Personal Growth – what does that mean exactly? 
  • Are staff supposed to self identify what they need/want to learn (either personal skills or technical skills)? 
  • Who supports their goals? 
  • What is expected of them and you? 
  • How will progress be measured and communicated? 
  • What if the goals change? 
  • What will it look like every day if Personal Growth is a part of daily culture?
  •  ..

Take The Pulse Of Your Recruiting Style

Mar 01 2019, - by Jacki Hart

I’m writing this under the assumption that your company has an available position or two, or five, or more. Without a stack of perfect resumes and daily requests from candidates wanting a job, willing to do anything (faint memories of the 90’s) – let’s take a walk through who your message is (or isn’t) appealing to, and why. ..


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