Business Coaching

Has Your Business Out-Paced Your Ability To Run It Smoothly?

At CBH, we know that running a business is WAY harder than it looks. And, we know that it can be lonely at the top, when everyone looks to you for answers. Answers that you may not know.

Business Coaching Muskoka

We're here to help you put systems in place to better manage both people and profit. Just like every successful athlete, smart business owners know when they need a coach to fast-track them through the hurdles and challenges.

We get that!

We know how to dig into the elusive drivers of total success: company culture, behaviour, attitudes, accountability, loyalty and brand image.

At CBH, we train business leaders to break through these challenges on every level:

Here's a glimpse of improvements your business can experience from our Collaborative Training:

• Redefine Your Business Goals
• Clearly Articulate Your Vision For Success
• Align Everyone's Attitude To Be Right-Fit
• Create Effective Bullet Proof Systems
• Improve Accountability
• Anticipate Growth
• Achieve Higher Profit

Ready? Set! GROW

We work together to expand your leadership performance and develop a renewed strategy for your business and your team.

Susan Potvin, Owner
Flourish Garden Services

You are one of the best in this industry and I feel so privileged to have had the benefit of your excellent insights and advice. Our one-on-one time looking into the wheels and struts of my business will be invaluable to me and the future of my company, and likely the best investment I’ve made. The consultation process was deep and thought-provoking but so effective that I feel renewed, more focused and armed to execute the strategies we built together.

Kristen Szykoluk, Owner
Client First Web Design & Graphics

As an young entrepreneur, 8 years into the business, solely managing the business on my own, I found it a great asset to be able to work with Jacki. Together we were able to come to conclusions that I would have never come to on my own. I needed someone looking at my business from the outside, and Jacki did just that with a professional business savvy eye! I will continue to work with Jacki into the future, because it is such a huge asset to have a ‘sounding board’ in a like-minded business professional.

Martha Montgomery, Owner
MMM Landscaping

Through her expertise and guidance, Jacki has made a huge contribution to the success of our business. We almost called it quits and with her, we are now growing beyond even our own expectations. She feels like another partner in the business who has always been by our side.

Mark Fisher, Owner
The Escarpment Company

Jacki’s passion for the industry and well as her experience has helped The Escarpment Company immensely since its inception in 2006. My company would not be where it is today without Jacki’s help. I encourage everyone to learn from Jacki and apply her methods and perspective, you are learning from the best.

Pat Forbes, Owner

Jacki has been incredible, she helped implement our new company culture through core values, purpose and vision. As a small business we have had our ups and downs and Jacki was able to quickly diagnose problems and helped us shift our strategic thinking so we could implement effect solutions. She is an incredible teacher and i would highly recommend her services to anyone.